Interview: Skeaz Lauren A.K.A Skeamo

Spoke with Gutter Rap God Father and The Polo King Of Australia; Skeaz Lauren.

One of the artists that gets played constantly in my Favourite Aussie Rap playlists.

He answered a few questions I had for him on the Australian Hip Hop industry.

Sweb: How hard would you say is it to make a full time living off underground music?

Skeaz:   There’s no money to be made off underground rap in Australia, for the most part it’s a hobby or passion that you yourself have to fund. Even doing shows don’t pay well either, it’s a constant struggle and grind that your stuck in I’ve found. There’s no big labels like there is in America that will look at, let alone give a chance to underground rap in oz, It has to be to their liking and standards… Not to say people haven’t made big money of rap here, but alot of them are groomed to what people wanna hear. I’d have to say Kerser is the only underground rapper that has made anything really

Sweb: Have there been any times working in the music industry that have made want to stop making music?

Skeaz:   Nah not really, not many things get under my skin with the oz hip hop scene, except the dick sucking kunts that don’t like what I do and what I stand for, but them same kunts don’t take the time to actually do their homework on me themselves, they listen to every other kunts opinion of me. Which I couldn’t give a fuck what people think bout me I just find it ignorant, me myself, I got time for pretty much every kunt that has time for me unless your a police informant…

Sweb: What, in your opinion are some common misconceptions about the Australian music scene, Especially hip hop.

Skeaz: Most common misconception would be that we are wannabe American kunts that think we’re black and from the ghetto… What people don’t get (ignorance again) is that what we are doing is telling our story,  his story is different from her story and their story is different from others, everyone has a story to tell whether it be what’s going on around them to what they wish or think things should be like, my story is my story, and a lot of kids that come from sort of background or similar background can relate, and I see it and they tell me it’s something they can vent to and know that someone who has been through what there going through can still keep there head up. So in turn that gives them a bit of hope I guess you could say.

Sweb: Criminality is quite prominent in the Sydney Hip Hop scene, How do you think this affects the music?

Skeaz: Not just sydney, though Sydney would be a criminal hub you could say. Me myself, have come from a drug addicted, broken home and criminality was rife, it made me the person I am today, if I could have chose a different path I would have, but being at a young age your very easily influenced and being stuck in a rut for so long it’s very hard to escape, most become products of there environment. I’ve been in and out of jail since I was 18, I’m 31 now looking at another jail sentence, In my music I don’t try and glorify what I do but try and show kids this is isn’t the best path to go down. As I said, if I had the opportunities as a kid to change my life, I would have but in my days we had fuck all, these days there’s a lot more things and centers to help with that sorta shit, I know I help kids with my music. I’ve had numerous amounts of kids thank me and tell me I’ve helped out of ruts and bad family situations when they had no one they could turn to, so they turn to my music and it clears their heads and helps them with their problem at that time. There’s lots of people that look down upon me and my music cause they think I’m a criminal, I am a criminal… But I’m not a piece of shit criminal, I don’t rob old lady’s, I’m not a fucking rapist, I help old lady’s on the train or on the street if needed, HAHAHA I’m as bad as they think, but them on the other hand there’s the G’s and sides that these people don’t know bout me… So yeah criminality plays a part in oz hip hop cause there’s people like me that live that life and it shows in my music.

Sweb: How heavily influenced are you by the Australian hip hop scene, compared to America?

Skeaz: To be honest, I’m not really swayed or influenced by much oz hip hop, it’s either peace love and mung beans, or people putting a front claims there something they’re not or… its just shit music… I get a lot of influence from my life experiences, things I’ve been through, things I’m going through, things I’ve seen first hand or been part of, or things I’ve seen and I’ve seen, been involved in and done a lot of things that people would freak the fuck out on. I do relate to a few USA rapper’s,  ones that are more hustlers and criminals than they are rapper, also a lot of UK artist’s, cause even though we world’s apart, there not much difference in our life styles and experiences…

Sweb: A lot of people I have asked this to have replied with over -glorified Bullshit, Your answers are Incredible!

Skeaz: Thanks bra, I’m not the type to sugar coat, I tell it how I see it, and most of the time that exactly how it is… If I wanted to suck my own dick I’d get a rib removed!! I’m not gunna sit here and boost my self ego up and pretend I’m the ducks nuts, I’m just me doing my thing bra.

Sweb: Although I think if you were to maybe boast a little you would have credibility to back it up, But I heard Pilates is a good alternative to the getting a rib removed haha…

Skeaz: haha… Nah, cause if I was to boast I’d be incriminating myself, my brother boasts a lot and a lot of it isn’t what he says it is… I don’t give a fuck what kunts think bout me I2 know who I am and what I’ve done and kunts that know, know as well

Sweb: I appreciate you letting me ask you some questions man…

Skeaz: Thank you for reaching out and giving me the opportunity to have my say

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