Decisions, Decisions, Decisions… The State Of SwebsMusic & Whats Coming Up!

I have been thinking…

I was planning on releasing my 2nd album around June of this year titled ‘Getaway’. This was going to be a complete EDM (Electronic Dance Music) record, I have released some tracks off it, Harmless, Trap Those Aliens, Distant Beings, 2013, and most recently Hardly Psycho.

Fortunately/ Unfortunately depending on which way you look at things, we will be making some fairly big expenditures here @ SwebsMusic’s, Mostly here in the “studio”, Such as switching from a fairly old PC to a brand new Macbook Pro, upgrading gear, Purchasing the latest updates for all of our software (Mostly Reason 6) and pretty much everything else that comes along with that.

Anyway, Back to ‘Getaway’. I wanted my next album to be big, I wanted to do what I didn’t do/ Should of done with my debut; Brighter On The Other Side. BOTOS was really rushed, I was on a certain buzz and I pretty much released it a week after I had finished writing it (Due to the deadline I set) so the mixs were very inconsistent, things were recorded wrong and looking back I should of put a lot more time in it.

I didn’t want this to be the case with my next album, and I have found this to be the case with ‘Getaway’. Everything still feels very rushed.

So I have decided to just release ‘Getaway’ as a  free Digital Download EP (rather than an album) on my Bandcamp sometime in the next couple of weeks. Then after that I will basically start over, I’ll try to completely forget what I have done in the past and spend a lot more time perfecting things, I’ll have a new Computer which will be a lot faster, running better software and I will have a whole new approach to making music (Partly because this old way isn’t working that well for me and partly because I’m studying new ways to approach this). This probably doesn’t make sense but whatever!

So I may be a little quiet, I will still try and release a new song every 1-2 months and write blogs once a week if possible, I am excited to get ‘Getaway’ out. Even though it is slightly rushed I find that it is still some of the best stuff I have ever written.

Thank you very much. I look forward to the future!!


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