Sweb’s Album Of The Year Award

WHOOOO! Welcome to the 1st annual Album Of The Year Award.

This very serious and highly prestigious award has been very hard to judge due to the fact that there has been so many great releases from so many of my favorite artists.

Before I announce the nominees/ winner I will just say that I use the term Album very loosely, A lot of the nominees are just EP/ Mix-tapes. All up there is 15 nominees including the winner.

Also check out my debut album in which I released this year as well. BRIGHTER ON THE OTHER SIDE!!


Evil Ebenezer – Penguin EP Buy On iTunes

Havana Brown – When The Lights Go Out EP Buy On iTunes

Rusko – Kapow Buy On iTunes

Rusko & Cypress Hill – Cypress x Rusko EP Buy On iTunes

Ras Batch – Know Thyself Buy On iTunes

Steve Aoki – Wonderland Buy On iTunes

Mine+US & DJ Hoppa – Everything Is A-OK Buy On iTunes

Kottonmouth Kings – Mile High Buy On iTunes

Grey Ghost – Grey Ghost EP Buy On iTunes

Hilltop Hoods – Drinking From The Sun Buy On iTunes

Seth Sentry – This Was Tomorrow Buy On iTunes

Chance Waters – Infinity Buy On iTunes

Krewella – Play Hard Buy On iTunes

Jimmy Cliff – Rebirth Buy On iTunes

Deadmau5 – > album title goes here < Buy On iTunes

And The Winner Is…


Mine+US & DJ Hoppa – Everything Is A-OK

This album is dope, although anything Broken Complex releases is dope.

I most certainly do recommend purchasing a copy of the album, I bought off iTunes the day it was released, & for all you Aussies who want a hard copy, yes they do ship to Australia (Getting the hard copy is number 1 on my 2013 priority list.)


& for hard copies/ merch be sure to hit up Broken Complex



I will officially announce this new album I am working on some, I’m really excited for it.

Stay safe, and have a Happy New Year


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  1. Thanks for the love homie! Keep on yo grind!

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