Free Loops/ Reason Refill’s & One Shot Sample Packs

EDIT: Please check the Download Page HERE

A while ago I uploaded a whole heap of sounds, samples and patches any producer in the world are free to use in an of their productions.

All packs are available from my ccmixter page HERE

I regularly make a whole heap of sounds, combine them into a folder and they literally sit there on my computer collecting cyber dust, now I just figure I may as well put them in the internet in the slight chance that someone else may be able to use them,

All the sounds are not the most professional sounding but they are fairly decent. If you do happen to enjoy these sounds there will be more coming, I have a fair bit just sitting on my PC.

I also have a fairly interesting pack that includes a whole heap of sounds sampled of vintage and retro video games and consoles. A lot of Mario of course as well as some games from the ATARI 7800, NES, Gameboy Advance and a lot more , It will be out hopefully around the 10th of  January 2013.

The packs I already have up there include:

Circuit Bent & Glitch Sampled Tones

A collection of sounds recorded from various circuit bent toys and devices

“Live” Drum Loops (Vol. 1)

A collection of drum loops that were programmed to sound real… programmed to sound real?

Drum Sample Pack (Vol. 1)

Just some one shot drum samples

Dubstep Reason Refill (Vol. 1)

A Reason Refill filled with some Dubstep Bass’s.

G-Funk Reason Refill

1st Reason Refill I made, Full of Cheesy Hip Hop sounds.


A whole lot of Sounds and Samples recorded off my Korg Monotron.

Here is a little “Synth Jam” of my Korg Monotron, Performed by Yours Truly

Peace and I hope you enjoy!!!


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  1. Hi. Lovely samples, thank you. 🙂

    I recently bought a Monotron Delay and was wondering how i can record sounds from it to the computer.

    • All good mate, its funny my mother just picked up the delay for me for christmas. you need an audio interface or your pc/mac needs to a microphone input, then connect it to you delay with the appropriate cable. then you just need to know how to use your DAW of choice. I will record my delay and as well an ATARI PUNK CONSOLE and upload some samples next week. Thanks heaps and I hope you have a wonderful christmas. SWEB!!

  2. Great free samples thanks!
    I run and we have over 600 free loops on there completely royalty-free loops that can be used for commercial purposes. If you’d like to share your audio loops on there we’d be happy to have you onboard.

    • Hi Jon, Thank you for expressing your interest, I have had a few sample pack companies approach me and offered similar things as far as hosting samples, To tell you the truth I don’t care much for distributing these samples, I have honestly put sample making on the back burner, You are free download these and put them on your site provided proper & fair attribution & remuneration was in order.

      If you have any other questions please feel free to email me using the contact form here,

      Thank you!!


      • Sure not a problem I completely understand.
        I’d be happy to host some free loops for you though. What info would you like me to provide for you?
        We also have artist profiles so if you would like me to display your info send me an email or just reply with the details.

  3. Great samples thanks for sharing!
    I run and we’ve got over 600 loops that are royalty-free loops and samples that can be used for commercial use.
    If you’d like to share on our site as well we’d like to have you onboard.

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