What’s Sweb Listening To? Malleus – 1000 Follows Free EP

Hey what’s up.
This week I have been listening a lot to a dude called Malleus

Now I have to say that he is probably one of my most favorite Dubstep producers.
What I think stands out with Malleus is that his music is not that type of Dubstep where you just get smacked in the face with distortion, it more of a cleaner style with a real old school kind of vibe to it in my opinion. Similar to Skream and the earlier British style of Dubstep

From an engineering point of his mixes are so clean and clear, His tracks are perfect in that sense.

If you are Dubstep fan and you only listen to dudes like Skrillex, Datsik, Nero and that kind of stuff than I recommend you download this EP and get in touch with the different styles of Dubstep their are in the world.

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