Just A Little Update

What’s up guys, I really am sorry for the lack of things I have posted lately, I have excuses though.

I recently just dropped out of high school and enrolled in to TAFE were I study music full time. It’s only been 2 weeks and my production game has already lifted due to the fact that I am discovering new musical “things” that have not been taught, or have been taught and just havn’t payed attention.

I am also working on my new album titled GETAWAY. I really hate having to label it into a particular genre as I feel that people restrict what they listen to because of this. But they album would be more leaning towards Dubstep. More of the older style though.

Lastly I’m am going to announce that every Friday I am going to write a little post about what particular album/ EP or artist’s music I have recently bought and enjoy. I listen to a whole range of music so I am going switch it up between mainstream to underground/ indie music and from POP to reggae to electronica to rap to everything else. So stay in tune tomorrow for the first installment of that.

I will try and drop a new song or something next week.

Catch you guys tomorrow.


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