Dubstep Guitar Is Real… My Theory

Hey what’s up guys. First off apologies that I don’t blog a lot, I know it is long over due so I am sincerely sorry.
This is for those music production heads out there.
A while back, Dave from BoyinabandDotCom released a video of him playing the dubstep guitar. Although  there is 90% chance he is bull-shiting, what an absolute genius concept. Now there are hundreds of videos out there of similar things of people bulling there way to fame and there is even a dude who does it on piano.

This really got me thinking what if there was a way of achieving this effect with out this awesome Bluetooth modulation device that I found on the YouTube during my research and I think there is…

I was listening to a track from an artist who’s name I have forgotten but one of the synths he was using basically had the same how would you say, “movement” to it as the vocal sample right before the drop.
Now after doing some research (Google/Facebook stalking) I realized that the artist I was listening to was using Propellerheads Reason 6. The same program that Dave From Boyinaband and I use (although I only use 5, can’t afford 6 yet).

After a little experimentation with some one shot A capella’s I had laying around me singing terribly into my mic, I manage to create the same effect and then I developed my theory on how it could be done with a guitar.
Now before I explain you need to ask yourself is this really worth the effort? Sure it looks cool but not so much practical?

To do this your obviously going to need a guitar, and audio interface or some alternative. A computer PC or Mac, and a copy of Reason 5 or 6 and a little knowledge of Reason, Vocoding And Sound Design (I have very basic knowledge of these, Check out Boyinaband for some and I quote “Frickin Sweet Tutorials”)

First off you obviously need to line your guitar in. Doesn’t matter what type of guitar as it has a relatively clean tone and there are no effects in the signal path. Just simply connect your guitar to your interface, DI Box would not go a stray though. (Yes we can distortion and ye olde Hendrix flanger later on).

Record just single notes. Stutter them if you will. I know it may sound week at the moment but we will build it up later on. (Now I’m not gonna explain how to wire everything in reason, mainly to save you reading a lot, this is where you need a little knowledge of reason).
Drop an equalizer on that just to notch out any unwanted frequencies to taste.
Then here comes the magic of it all.
Pretty simple actually and I’m surprised there have not been more videos on YouTube about this, I have only seen this one on Video YouTube which uses the same concept that I am talking about . <— This Guy Is A Legend.
The Vocoder in Reason is really cool, you can create talking synth style sounds similar to old ELO type records like Mr Blue Sky (I Grew Up On ELO, Bon Jovi And 90’s Pop <—-Random Childhood Fact). To dirty dubstep basses featured in the link above. This is due to the fact that you can control what synth you use instead of the synth built into the vocoder.
Next line in a Thor, or whatever synth that you wish to design your sound in, ensure that the synth is lined into the vocoder and not your mixer.
Finally design your sound, this may be tricky considering you are using audio to trigger the sound and not MIDI. Do not be afraid to modulate parameters including pitch, whether that be automation or with LFO’s and Envelopes, The decision is yours.
You can then add effects and such to your synth, I.E. Scream 4 Or Hendrix Flanger

If you wish to play this live just arm the audio track in which the guitar was recorded on and start playing (there maybe an option to monitor incoming audio, make sure it is selected).

The fun doesn’t end there, attempt it with a bass or try the piano, piano would be harder but still try it.
I have successfully achieved this effect with a Guitar And A Ukulele, I Am Soon Going To Try A Piano Or Violin.

Thank You For Reading, Hopefully You Find It Helpful And Interesting. If You Use This Method In A Song Please Link Me In The Comment Section And Be Sure To Subscribe.

I Plan On Blogging A Lot More, Whether It Be More Text Tutorials, Video Tutorials (Such As How To Make A Heavy Metal Guitar Style Dubstep Bass) Or Reviews On Instruments, Studio Gear And Of Course I Will Release A Lot More Music And Beat Making Videos.


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