How To Record “Dubstep Vocals”

Lately I have Been Recording Some Vocals On My Dubstep Tracks, Not Like Complete Verse’s But Just Like 1 Bar Phrase’s For An Effect.

Well I Thought I Would Do A Quick Little Tutorial On How I Do It.

Regardless Of What Software/Plugins/Gear You Use You Can Still Achieve Great Results With These Obvious But Unknown Tips.


To Tell You The Truth, Work With What You Have. My Idol Said That To Me When I Asked Them What Gear I Should Upgrade To.

The Microphone Above Cost Me $100, Not The Best But Certainly Damn Good.

Just Shows You Don’t Need To Be Rich!!

If Your Gunna Buy A Microphone, The Microphones I Recommend For CheapYet “Studio”  Quality Recording:

Behringer C-1U (Microphone Above). – USB So You Don’t Need An Interface.

Rode NT1A (Picked Mine Up 2nd Hand For Around They Retail Around $300)

Samson CO1 – Awesome Mic, Don’t Own But It Is Good.

Another Good Mic For Dubstep Is Just A Generic Sing Star Mic. Sounds Odd I Know But you Get A Lovely Crisp Tone.


Now We Get To Effects. I Reccomend Thes


(This Good For Sound Designing Not Some Much For Vocal Phrases) Record Some Thing, Anything, You Screaming, Dog Barking, Neighbors Getting It On (Might Be A Bit Awkward To Record) Or  Even Your Mum Yelling At You.

Then Load Your Recorded Material Into A Sampler Of Some Sort, In My Case I Load It In The NN19 Digital Sampler And Loop A Small Section, Then Try Different Effects On Top Of It.


EQ You Recordings, Whether Its A Sweep To Remove Bad Frequencies Or Try And Sculpt Your Sound.

Side Chaining (What Is Side Chaining)

Sounds Odd I Know. It Can Give A Real Awesome Effect. It Can Make Your Vocals Pump. Just Try It!!

Reverse Reverb

Reverse Reverb is Where You Take A Sound, In This Case A Vocal Phrase, Reverse (So It Plays Backwards) Add Reverb So It “Echoes” Out And Then Reverse That. So Instead Of Echoeing Out, It Echoes It Creating A Huge Build Up And Some Times And Anti-Climax To Piss People Off.


Distort Your Vocals, Make Them Messy And Ugly. Even Distort Your Reversed Reverbed Vocal.


Don’t Hate It, Love It. And Its Not Just The T-Pain Effect You Know

Automate The Pitch, Add The T-Pain Effect If You Want. I Guarantee Skrillex Uses Some Form Of Pitch Correction On Songs Like Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites And First of The Year.

Skrillex Effect

The Skrillex Effect Which Is The Vocals In The Songs Stated Above.

Sing A Melody Over The Top Of One Of Your Tracks, Reverse It, Chop It Up And Stutter It, Then Use Auto-Tune. Simple Hey

Any Way, Got Bored So I Thought I Post This Since I Just Spent the Last Hour Recording Some “Dubstep Vocals”



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  1. Man tell me something, i want to buy Behringer C-1U, for beatbox, do you think it is worth it ? for beatbox i mean

    • Hey man. Depends on your budget, I’m currently in the process of writing a post for the best mic in different budgets for Rappers, beat boxer and EDM producers. The C1u doesn’t have a lot of punch so I would recomend really for beat boxing

  2. what about a Behringer B-1 what do you think ? 😀

  3. Or to tell me a MIC, for Beatbox, and not very Expensive

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