Debut Album, Not Rap Or Hip Hop? Not Caught In The Desert

Ok So, Over The Last Couple Of Weeks I Realized, Hey, I Don’t Rap That Much.

And After Releasing I Am Sh*t And Click To Download I Have Come To Realize That I Have Never Enjoyed Music As Much As I Have Done In The Last 3 Months.

And Lets Face It, Im Not That Good Of A Rapper.

I’m Not Saying I’m Giving Up Rap, OH NO. I Can’t Go A Day With Making A Hip Hop beat Or A Week Without Writing At Least 16 Bars.

I Am Gunna Keep The Theme & Name Of Caught In A Desert For An 8 Track Rap EP Some Time 2012-2013.

But I Am Going To Release An Album Hopefully Mid 2012.

I Have Started Work On particular Type Of Music Recently. The Album Is Kinda Like Dubstep, Kinda Like Reggae, Kinda African, Got a Wierd Kinda Spacey Feel. Not All Happy, Kind of Easy Listening Though, Its Really Wierd. Im Still Toying Around With Album Names + Artwork (Yah I Do Art Now)

I Released One Song On Click To Download that Will Be On The Album .

The Track Is Called Help Me. Listen And You’ll See What I Mean About Dubstep.

Any Way Im Going To Posting Some Photo’s/Artwork that I Have Mean Working, These Last Couple Of Weeks I Have Felt More Creative Than I Ever Have. Im In The Process Of Setting up Flickr.



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