It’s True

I Am Sh*t Album Art

If You Want to Understand My Music You Really Need To Understand Me (Not Cliche At All There)

It’s True.

In The Latest Tracks That I’m Working On State That Music Is Me, And How If You Dont Know Me, You Probably Dont Know My Music.

I Say Things Like.

I Couldn’t Care Less If You Hated My Songs. I Laugh When You Say Its About Fans Cause Your Wrong

It’s True.

I Make Music For Myself. a Way Of Having Fun. A Way Of Enjoying Myself.

It’s True.

Hence Why The Dubstep Album Is Called “I Am Sh*t

I Aint Gunna Lie. I Am Well Aware That I Am Not The Best, And There Is Nothing More I Hate Than False Advertising

The Debut Album “Caught In The Dessert”  Will Be Available For Free.

I Figured If I Put A Price On It, One It Would Signify That All I Want Is Money – Not True

And It Could Potentially Create unwanted And False Hype.

It’s True.

I Have Fans, Theres No Denying That

It’s True.

When I Perform, At Least A 1000 People There

It’s True.

I Have Nearly 400 Likes On Facebook (admittedly Not A Lot But Considering That You Have To Search Emcee Sweb Not Just Sweb And Not a Whole Lot Of Promotion Has Gone In to The Page)

It’s True.

Theres Over 700 Subscribers To This Site, (I Really Appreciate You Guys)

It’s True.

I Have Had Over 4000 Plays On ReverbNation Before My Account Was Deleted.

It’s True.

Although I Appreciate The “Fan Love” I Have Never Asked, Nor Seeked It.

It’s True.

This Is Why My Songs Sound “Sloppy” Or “Half Arsed”

And Why I Lot Of Snobby Underground Rappers Tend To Hate Me.

It’s True.

Enjoy Life




Posted on November 18, 2011, in Random Rants. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. i have been following your music for a while now, and i must say i love it.
    i dont really listen to a whole lot of rap but yours i definitely like.

    i listend to you back in the day, and how your in your blog posts is exactly how i expected you to be.

    what you said in this particular post is great too. it shows you are not like most and not out for money

    ps this dubstep stuff your doing is great too

    stay real man

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